Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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Here's hoping that this year is a lot better than last year; my new year is certainly starting with a
handful of new adventures, the greatest of these being the new job.

I hit the post xmas sales last week, picking myself up 3 nice suits, a few nice formal shirts & ties and some new black shoes... yes indeed, I get to play dress-up on a daily basis in a couple of weeks time.

Some people think new years resolutions are lame, but I believe in them. Think about it; everyone who has ever tried to go on a diet, give up smoking or something similar knows the "I'll start on Monday" effect. Well, you don't get a more dramatic and definite Monday than new years day. This is the time to commit to something you've been putting off for far too long.

I'm squaring up to tackle my long standing nemesis, Dr. Fat. He's wormed his insiduous way back into my life. I weighed myself a couple of days ago and almost 7 kg has snuck up on me in the last few months... thats the equivalent of 14 standard sized tubs of margarine that have grown around my gut.

Go to the fridge and open a tub. Human fat is much the same consistency and colour as that yellow glomp... and its iNsiDE mE.

So thats my primary resolution- to get back on the wagon w.r.t my eating program. Every time I feel myself slipping I'm going to cram threee fingers into a tub of butter and swoosh them about.
Come this time next year I want there to be 30 tubs less of me. That's my goal- to shed 15 kg's in total.
Watch this space for updates - there's no better motivation to stick with it than to tell people about it, since then you have a deadline/ expectation to work towards.

My secondary resolution is to work like a demon when I start my new job- yes, I'm going to start behaving like a grown up :¬/

[ shudder ]
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